[ -- [T]Ra[in]ding Cities [in]2...


In Hum[anity_drenched]idcity, this great pity: the people who swim through the streets are all strange[sanity_sodden]rly.

At each counter, they slosh-tick-and-sod-tock-and-tick-tock-soak-toggle,again.


[Imagine sand.]

[Ima(en)gine(ering_fluidity)d drIPs about others.]


Greet[ingle][s]ings could take place between tides, conversions, eye-prisings, liquid tresses, torrential rites. All-but-one meetgreet; eye[prised]s look for a fecundity, then silver away, seeking other prizes, all [stop][and][go] lapping. A g[IRL]ie squelches along, real[ity]_whirling a para[ble]chute[so(u)l]. On her shoulder + hIPs, a woman in slack showcasing her full_fluidity_rage. A stateless man floats along; a young man[(+ not wo)man][dible] showing off with bone_white_flair; a female larf; tWinned g[IRL]ies wrestling squished morals. The same thing runs among them, x_and_y_changes gleam_back_+_forth_glances like knives. A soddenly vibration constantly stIRs in Hum[id(entity)_fluid]idcity, the most watered_down_taste of all the cities.


-- ].